Coffin Race Rules

The Object: To race in heats (in the name of frozen fun) by carrying a three-sided coffin through the marked coffin racing course. The coffin and all seven team members must cross the finish line, ahead of the team they’re racing against, to advance.

Six pallbearers carry the coffin with a “corpse” inside.

When the coffin and last team member cross the finish line, that team has completed the course. Every round is a heat (two team compete, and only one team advances). The top four teams will race in quarter finals, and the top two from that heat will race for first and second place.


  • One team member weighing at least 75 pounds must ride inside coffin – the “corpse.” This person must be weighed to confirm his or her weight. All weigh-ins of riders will be done at the Teen Center (151 East St). Sorry, no weigh in, no race. Weigh-ins occur 9-11:30 am on the Saturday of the race.
  • Coffin may be constructed of any materials into a box form simulating a coffin. The coffins MUST be three sided, and one side MUST have your team name written on it.
  • No top of the coffin is necessary or required and is in fact discouraged.
  • ALL team members must be wearing a helmet at all times during entire race or risk elimination.
  • No metal cleats or cramp-ons allowed. Plastic cleats are acceptable.
  • Course obstacles may include: climbing up snow, going through mud, stopping to do a drill, etc.
  • Good sportsperson-like conduct is required. Any acts deemed unsportsperson-like may disqualify the entire team from the race.
  • Team members who are obviously intoxicated will not be allowed to participate in the race.
  • Costumes are allowed and encouraged. Please remember this is family event! You may be asked to remove your costume if judges deem it inappropriate.

PRIZE PACKAGES for best theme team, 1st place, runner up, and most notable screw up while racing.

Each Coffin Race team member must fill out a waiver and turn it in prior to competing in the tournament. All seven team members are required to wear wristbands which are given out at registration, after confirming team waivers have been signed, the corpse wights over 75 lbs, and the coffin has three sides.

If you have any questions, please email the coffin races coordinator here.